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Manitou MT 932 Easy telehandler

Timed auction

2 Positionen

Mi 13.03.2024 from 10:58

Manitou MT 932 Easy telehandler

Active | Timed auction

15236 Jacobsdorf

Mercedes-Benz B 180 7G-DCT

Timed auction

1 Positionen

Do 14.03.2024 from 13:00

Mercedes-Benz B 180 7G-DCT

Active | Timed auction

19069 Rostock

Fahrgastschiff MS „Alma“

Timed auction

1 Positionen

Do 14.03.2024 from 14:00

Fahrgastschiff MS „Alma“

Active | Timed auction

28197 Bremen

Maschinen und Werkzeuge zur Metallbearbeitung | Transporter + Anhänger

Timed auction

181 Positionen

Mi 03.04.2024 from 11:00

Maschinen und Werkzeuge zur Metallbearbeitung | Transporter + Anhänger

Active | Timed auction

41751 Viersen (Boisheim)

Industrial auctions - how they run successfully

In industry, plant, machinery, equipment and tools are needed. But there is an alternative to buying new equipment - participating in an industrial auction. Industrial auctions offer certain advantages, including the opportunity to acquire high-quality industrial equipment at an affordable price and avoid time-consuming negotiations with various sellers. At Greenfield Auctions, we will guide you through the entire process of your industrial auction and ensure that you are successful!

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What is an industrial auction?

An industrial auction is a process in which machinery, plant and equipment from the industrial sector are sold by auction. Several buyers gather and bid for an object. The one who bids the most gets the object. This is the basic function of an auction.

But why does an industrial auction take place at all? There are insolvency auctions, fimen auctions as well as production part liquidations. This means that a company stops using the equipment and wants to recoup some money by selling it. This is where Greenfield Auctions comes in. We provide realistic valuations for you and sell your industrial goods through our online auctions.

Insolvency auctions are a special case. In this form of industrial auction, companies usually do not choose to have their machinery and equipment auctioned off. An insolvency auction is initiated by an insolvency administrator. This person is appointed by the insolvency court for the purpose of taking over the management of the company. He can dispose of all assets and auction off those things that are not absolutely necessary for the business. The proceeds are divided among the company's creditors. However, an industrial auction can also take place if a company is dissolved in the course of insolvency proceedings.

Some of our industrial auctions are also specialised in certain industries. For example, there are auctions of woodworking machinery or metalworking machinery. In our experience, more interested buyers are usually found if this distinction is made, as they are looking for the relevant machines.


What is there to buy at an industrial auction?

Those who have never been to an industrial auction may ask themselves: What can I find at such an auction? Basically, all branches of industry can be represented. So you will find what you are looking for if you are looking for saws, grinding machines, planing machines or drilling machines, as well as if you are more interested in forklifts, industrial trucks, measuring machines, packaging machines or compressors. So you can find everything that is used in industry at an industrial auction.

To avoid buying a pig in a poke at an auction, there are a few things to consider. Beforehand, you should inspect the industrial goods on site or get a more precise impression by means of pictures and video material. Only those devices and machines are offered that have also been checked for their function. However, it is not always possible to make an exact statement about the actual current value.


Advantages of an online industrial auction

Usually, an auction takes place at a fixed time. Potential buyers meet and try to outbid each other until the winner is determined. But this always involves a cumbersome journey. Buyers have to bring a lot of time with them and appear on site.

Our online industrial auctions are therefore a great advantage. With this type of auction, everything takes place via the Internet. You are independent of time and place and can easily enter your bid online. Online auctions also offer great opportunities for companies that want to auction off their industrial equipment. In this way, many more potential buyers are approached who would otherwise not have become aware of the offer. People from all over Germany can bid for the machines and equipment, which not only contributes to the security of a sale, but can also positively influence the prices.

Thanks to our practical watch list, you will no longer miss an auction. You can also bid on several items at the same time. The internet offers maximum flexibility!


Industrial auction at Greenfield Auctions

Do you still have questions about industrial auctions? Or would you like to make use of other Greenfield Auctions services? We are your professionals in the fields of securing and marketing. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what is important at an auction.

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and will take care of your request as quickly as possible.



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